Four stories about warmth

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Digital storytelling helps the customer to make a choice when faced with an infinite range of heating equipment.


Private-residence heating is a widely discussed topic on the web. Indeed, there are many ways to supply a country house with hot water and heat.

The house size, comfort level, condensing boilers, amount of circuits, budget restrictions — there are too many specific features in every element of the heating system. For someone handling the task for the first time, it is usually an ordeal to choose the overall layout, not to mention the separate elements.


OKC and Ariston have created a website that helps to make a conscious choice of the most suitable heating scheme for each individual case.

Here are four stories about private-residence heating, narrated in the first person. Four houses, four families, and four heating schemes will help the customer to find out which products and which solution principle would be the best fit for them.


web promo storytelling front-end content copywriting

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The size of the space to be heated and the budget are two most important criteria in customers' minds when they are selecting a heating scheme. The rest we tell on our website.


Target audience research was conducted based on search phrases and information received from Ariston Technical Academy. Our main goal was to group the scope of possible solutions to several basic schemes that would show different heating options by examples of Ariston products. Two basic parametres, obvious for the user, were chosen: the house size and the budget.

We defined consumer profiles, their leading needs in selecting the scheme, marker words, and suitable products for the four user groups.


Each website page is a story, a personal experience of heating a private residence. Each represents a different set of emotions and reasons for choosing a specific scheme. To showcase their uniqueness, we used short videos. Moving descriptions are followed by basic technical schemes, specifications of products used, features of the solution, and a gallery that gives an idea of how the heating system would look in real life.

Target actions on the website include click-throughs to product descriptions on Ariston primary website, to sales points, and to service centres.

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Video shots, product images and stories themselves were created specifically for this website.

First I created letters written in distinct styles for each character. They became starting points for the images. My favourite one is the first story about a radio engineer, kind of an overdrawn man of the '60s. An elderly guy who keeps his spirit up, skies in a Hemingway sweater, is technically-savvy, plays the guitar, and is, generally speaking, a very happy person.
Olga Fomina  — video producer, copywriter

We paid special attention to the simplicity and accessability of our interactive stories. We used an adaptive layout grid to enhance the convenience of the website browsing on any device. We also worked on the front-end performance, the general composition of elements and the navigation system.

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