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Ladya is one of Russia's oldest and most famous furniture factories, founded in 1992. We were asked to relaunch the brand, making it relevant and up to date while, at the same time, reflecting its history. We have developed a new brand identity and transformed the interior design of showrooms.


Since 1992, Ladya, as a furniture brand, has stood for reliable home interior pieces, affordable to a wide audience. Over time, that audience has become more demanding of design and aesthetics. The old brand identity was associated with old-fashioned interiors. The new strategy of Ladya is based on renewed product lines meeting the needs of a younger audience.

We were asked to create a new, bright and memorable brand identity associated with a European brand that produces designer furniture.


strategy branding id copywriting

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The logo: evovlution vs revolution

First, Ladya needed a new logo. Teamed up with the client’s team, we reviewed all the factors of the rebranding: business challenges, risk to become less recognisable for the existing audience, costs of showrooms rebranding. We offered two approaches: evolution and revolution. First one, when with small changes we modify the existing logo in two stages to the final result, bearing in mind that it preserves continuity with the old logo as much as possible. The second is revolutionary, when we fundamentally change everything.

“The tagline “LADYA since 1992” arose in the early stages of work, when we were looking for a way to emphasize the history of the brand, realizing that we were following a revolutionary scenario.”
Vadim Smirnov  — Creative director

Our idea was to move away from the search of visual association with a word “LADYA”: the rook, the home or the ship. Instead, we offered the clear visual message, the mathematic equation “LADYA = furniture”. After numbers of iterations, we proposed the idea of a symbol in the form of a smiling chair. The minimalistic symbol gave us great potential for development.

Brand identity

The created logo gave us the basis for the development of the brand identity. The concept of patterns based on the principle of developing background areas into squares and filling them with geometric elements was inspired by suprematism. We have designed the branded elements: badges, price tags, clothing, transport, and calendars.

“The proposed modern and friendly symbol has been developed within the framework of suprematism. Bold and bright avant-garde designs were chosen by the client, despite all concerns. Such radical changes would not appeal to every client, but working together allowed us to create an unusual and bold style.”
Alexey Klopkov  — Art director

According to our idea, the brand should look easy and relevant to the needs of the client, so the phrases were born:

  • Not a sofa, but 33 pleasures;
  • Designer of good mood.

Showroom interior design

We developed the design for the showrooms of LADYA and performed their 2d and 3d visualization. As a basis, the space of one of the flagship stores in Moscow was used. We studied the features of the space, its environment and the limitations on the structures that could be used in the shopping mall.

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