Indoor navigation for Vazaro in “Olympic Hall”

For our client Vazaro in Olympic Hall we developed the idea, as well as the signboard and navigation signs.

Our goal was to catch attention and attract visitors in the business centre and mall to Vazaro salon, situated in the semi-basement.

We decided to design a creative signboard for customers just entering the building, and equally attractive direction signs at the semi-basement level.

The signboard portrays real objects symbolizing the main product groups sold at the salon. Thus, looking at the signboard, the customer immediately understands what is sold at the salon and what price tier to expect.

Indoor navigation in the mall

Vazaro signboard above the escalator.

Creative navigation in stores

Vazaro signboard above the escalator.

Design of the signboard

Vazaro signboard above the escalator.

When customers get to the semi-basement level, they have already seen the main signboard. Now our primary goal was to create a direction sign for the store. LED-highlights and three-dimensional letters bring into focus the premium quality of the product.

Navigation sign in the shopping area

Vazaro navigation sign at the semi-basement level.

Navigation sign in the shop

Vazaro navigation sign at the semi-basement level.


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