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Natural gas is actually the fuel of the future for the car, cheap and eco-friendly. We designed the promo for the company which switches cars from traditional petrol to natural gas.

The challenge was to make the promo website which turns the views on CNG which always full of misconceptions. Safety, comfort and the price are the common objections.

As the solution we turned the website literally, on 45 degrees. Unusual layout and navigation shows the sections of the website sliding over the big single page.

The website allows user to calculate the expenses economy and the time of payback for the selected car model.

The website helps user to discover the benefits of natural gas as the fuel. To solve common objections the website contains FAQ section.

The main objection is that the amount of gas stations are very few. We help user to find the nearest gas station to his location almost as close as petrol station.

Fuel Future has taken AWWWARDS site of the day and first place in Auto/moto nomination in Rating Runeta.


web promo content copywriting front-end

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