Zamok Korolya


Zamok Korolya is a sanitary appliances store. There you could find positively anything you need to fit up your bathroom. We led the concept and design direction of the eCommerce experience.


To simplify the complicated and to make incomprehensive obvious. The most important task we had at hands was to create a user-friendly purchase system of the complex products with lots of connections to each other. The peculiarity of sanitary wares is that one item could fall into a whole group of elements with various parametres, or, vice versa, become a part of a set. So, we had to somehow unite all this in a well-structured interface for an eCommerce platform that the user would feel familiar with. This interface had to have as few steps to checkout as possible.


The platform was given a minimalist look with an accent on products and collections designs. To assist customers in choosing complicated items like douche cabins we created an automated online assistants, as well as an option of parameter choice on item pages and various templates depending on the item type.

Overall, we have created 28 templates, a set of reference images, interface elements, and a guide for the developers and content managers.


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web design for sanitary ware online store
ecommerce user interface
user experience in large catalogue
ecommerce design
UX: product comparison
UI/UX users cabinet
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